Human Centered Science and Biomedical Engineering Graduate Major
Depatrment of Mechanical Engineering
Graduate School of Engineering
Tokyo Institute of Technology

Yagi Laboratory


The goal of this laboratory is to understand the neural mechanisms and computational principles of biological brain and vision, and to exploit its findings in engineering applications especially with relation to biomedical/rehabilitation engineering and bio-mimetic robotics. The approach involves a combination of engineering and biomedical experimental approaches, based on neuroscience. The current project is to develop a neural interface, which is a direct technological interface between the nervous systems and a computer. (See our flyer.)

Information for Prospective Students (Degree or non-degree)

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Research topics in the past

Visual Prosthesis (Artificial Vision, Retinal Prosthesis) Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) Eye-gaze Interface Biopotential Measurement/Processing, Physiological Stimulation to Biological Systems Bio-mimetic Robot Vision System, Image Processing Applications Prof.Shimizu's Group