Human Centered Science and Biomedical Engineering Graduate Major
Depatrment of Mechanical Engineering
Graduate School of Engineering
Tokyo Institute of Technology

Yagi Laboratory


Eye-gaze Interface

An eye-gaze-input interface using EOG (electro-oculogram) is a biological signal related to eye movements. Collaborating with a start-up company, SeaStar Corporation in Tokyo, Dr.Yagi has commercialized the "EOG Switch". This is an eye-gaze switch with which a user can easily turn on/off a nurse-call device and now widely used among ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) patients in Japan.

Clinical experiment. This tetraplegic person could control beep sound with his eye movements.

Dr.Yagi has expanded on this idea with more elaborate eye-gaze interface. This interface, named "Eye Pointer", enables a user to move a computer cursor with eye-gaze. He has developed a unique method of calibration and signal processing in order to overcome drifting and blinking problems. In addition to the EOG interface, Dr.Yagi has conducted basic research on EEG (electroencepharogram) related to eye movements. He has found that EEG potential at the occipital lobe changes rapidly just before an eye movement starts. Moreover, Dr.Yagi has found that the change is observed at the right occipital lobe when the eyes move toward the right direction, and at the left, toward the left.